NeuroStar System Components

NeuroStar® TMS System Components

NeuroStar TMS SenStar Treatment Link

SenStar® Treatment Link­—The link to safe, effective, and tolerable depression treatment

High technology device is comprised of several unique layers with separate functions

Ensures that the treatment coil is functioning properly

Makes certain that the coil is positioned against the patient’s head during treatment

Confirms to treating physicians that their patients are receiving optimal treatment by verifying the magnetic field dose

NeuroStar TMS MT Assist - Dose Management

MT Assist®—Unique software makes finding the right depression treatment dose easy

Unique proprietary algorithm assists the system operator in accurately finding the right Motor Threshold level, which determines the appropriate TMS treatment dose

NeuroStar TMS Precision Pulse - Patented Coil Design

Precision Pulse TMS™—Patented coil design improves efficiency, which increases patient throughout

Electromagnetic pulse duration designed to preferentially stimulate cortical, not sensory, neurons

Energy field is optimized for precise stimulation of only the target tissue

Efficient conversion of electricity to therapeutic magnetic energy allows higher treatment power levels

NeuroStar TMS Coil Positioning System

Coil Positioning System—Assures repeatable and accurate depression treatment

Uses external cranial landmarks for precise, targeted repeatable stimulation

Facilitates accurate alignment of patient’s head with integrated laser

Maintains proper patient alignment throughout treatment

NeuroStar TMS TrackStar - Reporting and Documentation

TMS TrakStar™—Proprietary patient database facilitates TMS reporting and documentation

HIPAA-compliant practice data management software is designed to streamline TMS treatment data management

Used exclusively with the NeuroStar system

TrakStar software is able to work in conjunction with up to 5 NeuroStar systems to capture and store comprehensive patient data

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